Cohor Coordination Information W23
Publié le 31 juillet 2023

The IATA Winter 2023 initial allocation process is still underway with SRD and HBD coming in August. As a general information and reminder, you will find below the key elements of the W23 coordination process :

  1. Standard coordination process (reminder)
  • As W23 is not covered by Delegated Act, standard rules from EC95/93 apply
  • The WASG article 8.7.2 related to double-dip is not enforced by Cohor since W22 and any future seasons
  • SRD (Series Return Deadline) is scheduled on August 15th 2023, we request airlines cancel all the series they don’t intend to operate by this date
  • HBD (Historics Baseline Date) is scheduled on August 31st 2023. That will be the reference for the calculation of historic rights for the next winter season
  1. Exceptional coordination process ORY/CDG/LBG/BVA (please see attached documents)

Paris-Orly W23 temporary capacity reduction TMA & parking stand construction (validated at Orly Airport slot committee 21st March 2023)

Capacity reduction 4-Flight ATC system implementation Paris ACC (CDG/ORY/LBG/BVA) (to be validated at CDG/ORY/BVA/LBG slot coordination committee 22nd & 23rd of August 2023)

Information about 4-Flight from the French CAA – DGAC

For additional questions, please contact us at: [email protected]

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