Additional parameters at Nantes Atlantique Airport due to engineering works
Publié le 29 août 2023

Last Update: 2023/09/19

The engineering work envisaged at airport during the W23 requires the closure of the terminal and the runway over the following periods:

  • Night from Tuesday November 14 to Wednesday November 15, 2023: 19:00 – 05:59 LT
  • Night from Tuesday November 21 to Wednesday November 22, 2023: 19:00 – 05:59 LT

COHOR does not recommend any schedule over the period in question.

In addition, on Tuesday November 14 and 21, 2023, for any arrival of a commercial aviation aircraft between 16:00 and 19:00 LT, COHOR recommends arrival schedules by taking into account the capacity of the luggage collection zone. We evaluate the impact of any recommendation, taking into account the seat capacity, an average load factor of 85% and the maximum number of passengers: 950 per rolling 20 minutes with a step of 10 minutes


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