COVID-19: EUACA monitoring increasing governmental measures intended to address the spread of COVID-19
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Publié le 2 décembre 2021

EUACA is aware of the difficult situation the aviation industry is presently facing in Europe and worldwide. Various COVID-19 restrictions have been – and still are being – imposed across Europe to curb the fourth wave currently hitting the continent. In reaction to the current spike of cases in Europe and the newly discovered Omicron variant, also some countries outside Europe are raising or keeping up barriers to entry. In this detrimental overall situation, the slot coordinators joined within EUACA will constantly monitor and evaluate the restrictions in place and will apply the provisions on Justified Non-Use of Slots (JNUS) where necessary.

Slot coordinators will continue exchanging closely within EUACA and will also stay in exchange both with the industry stakeholders and DG MOVE. Wherever possible, slot coordinators will seek common evaluations and procedures to assist air carriers and airports in coping with the current situation of the pandemic.

Didier Hocq

European Airport Coordinators Association (EUACA)
Brussels Airport, BP27
1930 Zaventem
Tél.: +32 2 753 5791
e-mail: [email protected]

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