Important information about ORY S20 submission
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Publié le 30 septembre 2019

As a result of Aigle Azur (ZI/AAF) bankruptcy, there is a high probability that an unsually significant pool will become available at Orly airport.

This pool would likely be distributed after the next slot conference (mid November 2019) on the basis of summer 2020 airlines submission.

Airlines are requested to mention for each individual request for new services either in the « SI » part of their submission or in a separate message whether these new services are intended to be year-round operations. Airlines would be authorized to anticipate the start of their year-round services when the pool is distributed but in any case not before December the 2nd 2019 because of ORY runway works.


All carriers that would like to apply to this pool should send their request to:

[email protected]


Thursday October the 3rd 23:59 UTC


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