2020 Airlines satisfaction survey results

In an effort to continuously improve the quality of the service provided to airlines, COHOR conducted a satisfaction survey in September 2020. The objective of this survey is to identify areas of progress or development but also to collect suggestions for improvement or service enhancements.

The 2020 airlines satisfaction survey was carried out by ACCORDANCE, which guarantees that all the replies remain anonymous and private. It means that we could not identify the authors of comments and therefore answer them for specific questions.

COHOR thanks all the airline representatives for their contribution and for giving us an opportunity to improve the quality of our services, which is crucial to ensure the success of our quality management system.

Indeed, COHOR’s customer surveys are conducted in the context of the ISO 9001-2015 Quality management certification standard that certifies the organization’s quality management system and continuous improvement approach.

The attached file show the results of the survey and if you have any question about them, we would be happy to answer you.

2020 Airlines satisfaction survey results

We also remind you that you can, at any time, make suggestions, ask questions or file complaints using our dedicated e-mail address: