Cannes Mandelieu airport (CEQ)

Cannes Mandelieu airport (CEQ)

Airport website :

Acces to the AIP of this airport

(eAIP FRANCE > “Effective Date” link > select “AD 2 AERODROMES” on the left > search for “LFMD — CANNES MANDELIEU”)

  • Organisation

    Coordination period stretches from May 12th till May 25th 2020 inclusive, from 0800 Local Time to 30 minutes after sunset.

  • Airport constraints

    Runway scheduling limits during Grand Prix de Monaco:

    1 arrival per 10 minutes

    1 departure per 10 minutes

    10 movements per rolling 60 minutes with a 10 minutes step.

    Each day, the last two arrival slots will not be allocated in order to take into account unforeseen operational events.