ORY 26/01/2018 New slot pool allocation

Some carriers returned slots they held at Paris-Orly airport including Air Berlin. Therefore a pool of 4690 slots was made available for reallocation at Paris-Orly airport.

COHOR, appointed as Paris-Orly airport co-ordinator by the modified French Minister of Transport Order of August 27th, 1996 and in accordance with the amended EU Regulation 95/93 of January 18th, 1993 on common rules for the allocation of slots at Community airports (Slot Regulation), distributed the entire pool on an annual basis considering the requests filed for the Summer 2018 scheduling period (S18) and still on the waiting list.

The Slot Regulation as amended in July 2004 stipulates that carriers must clearly request the new entrant status and that half of the pool must be allocated between carriers’ requests with new entrant status.

The carriers having claimed this new entrant status (and which are entitled to it) are:

Aigle Azur (1 daily flight to Granada), Air Caraïbes Atlantique (2 daily flights to St-Denis),   La Compagnie (2 daily flights to Newark), City Flyer Express (2 daily flights to London-City), EasyJet Switzerland (1 daily flight to Hanover), French Blue (2 daily flights to St-Denis), Ryanair (2 daily flights to Dublin), Transavia Holland (2 weelky flights to Amsterdam), Vueling (4 weekly flights to Cagliari, 1 daily flight to Granada, 3 weekly flights to A Coruna, 4 weekly flights to Bucharest, 3 weekly flights to Asturias, 4 weekly flights to Santiago de Compostela, 4 weekly flights to Warsaw and 4 weekly flights to Jerez).

The airlines that have benefited from the slot pool allocation are (please click on “Attached Document” for further details):

As new entrant (2502 slots):

  • French Blue : 1460 slots, equivalent to 2 daily flights
  • La Compagnie : 1042 slots, equivalent to 10 weekly flights

As incumbents (2188 slots):

  • British Airways : 1460 slots, equivalent to 2 daily flights
  • Aigle Azur : 520 slots, equivalent to 5 weekly flights
  • Transavia France : 208 slots, equivalent to 2 weekly flights

These slots were allocated on an annual basis and on the basis of submissions received for the Summer 2018 scheduling period (S18).

The carriers will get the quota reserved for their year-round services during the upcoming Winter 2018 scheduling period (W18), provided that the new services really start during Summer 2018 scheduling period (S18) and that the year round operation requests are duly confirmed by carriers by the industry submission deadline set for W18.

January 26th, 2018


Managing Director, COHOR